Algeria Income Tax Rate for Financial Year 2017-18. Personal tax rate for salaried Individuals, Self employed persons, Resident individuals and Corporate / Companies.



Algeria Income Tax Rate 2018-2019, Corporate Taxes

Algeria Individual Income Tax Rate for 2017-18


Income Tax Rate for Algerian Residents and Non Residents for 2017-18

Taxable Income Slab (IRG) Tax Rate
Upto 120,000 0%
120,001 to 360,000 20%
360,001 to 1,440,000 30%
1,440,001 and above 35%


Deductions available

- Personal allowance like Social insurance contribution, alimony and qualifying insurance premiums

- business expenses and other expenses such as maintenance allowance and interest paid on loans for a business purpose.

- Certain income from rented properties are exempted from taxes (e.g rental for students).

- Spouses with a common fiscal home can deduct 10% of their income



Capital Gain Tax in Algeria for Financial Year 2017-2018

Capital gains are generally taxed as ordinary income at the corporate income tax rate. In certain cases, 35% relief is given if the assets have been held for up to three years. The relief rate could reach up to 70% if the assets have been held for longer periods.


Property Tax

from 3% to 10% according to the property and land value.


Tax on Donations

- 3%

Wealth Tax

0 - 1.5% Progressive Rates according to the value of property


Algeria Corporate / Company Income Tax Rate 2018

Income Category Tax Rate
IBS for the Production of goods 19%
IBS - for building activities, public works and hydraulics, as well as tourist and thermal activities, excluding travel agencies 23%
IBS for other activities 26%


Allowable Deductions and Credit

- Depreciation, amortisation, reserves, rents for premises and equipment, wages, etc.


Non Deductible Expenses

e.g. fines, gifts, subsidies and restaurant, hotel and entertainment expenses not directly linked to the business


Value Added Tax in Algeria

- 19% Standard Rate

- 9% reduced rate for products, commodities, merchandise and equipment related to printing, agricultural materials, traditional crafts and aquaculture products (excluding edible items).

- 0% for Exports

- 10% to 100% on on beer, tobacco and matches, salmon, coffee, some fruits, alcohol, all-terrain vehicles, etc.



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