Income Tax Rate, Wealth Tax and Company Tax in Bangladesh for 2017-18

Bangladesh Income Tax Rate, Wealth Tax, Company Tax

Income Tax Rate in Bangladesh for the Financial year 2017-18 is progressive rate from 0% to 25% and maximum rate is 30%. There is distinction in tax rate for Resident and Non Resident individuals in Bangladesh. Tax on non resident individuals is charged at a uniform rate. Tax Rate and Slab for individual taxpayers and company tax rate remain unchanged in 2017-18.


Individual Income Tax Rate in Bangladesh for 2017-18

Income Slab Tax Rate
Income upto BDT 250,000 0%
BDT 250,000 to BDT 650,000 10%
BDT 650,001 to BDT 11,50,000 15%
BDT 11,50,001 to BDT 17,50,000 20%
BDT 17,50,001 to BDT 47,50,000 25%
Above BDT 47,50,001 30%


Income Tax Rate for Non Residents in Bangladesh

Non Resident Income tax rates in Bangladesh is 30%


Company (Corporate) Tax Rate in Bangladesh for 2017-18

Type of Company Tax Rate
Public Traded Company 25%
Non Public Traded Company 35%
Public Traded insurance and financial institute other than Merchant Bank and newly established Bank, Insurance and Financial Institution approved by the Government in 2013 40%
Non-Publicly traded Bank, insurance and financial institution 42.5%
Merchant Bank 37.5%
Publicly traded mobile phone companies 40%
Non-publicly traded mobile phone company 45%
Special Tax Rate  
Cigarette, bidi, zarda, chewing tobacco, gul or any other tobacco products manufacturers 45%
Income of co-operative society 15%



5% -  on income from the business of producing cigarette, bidi, zarda, gul and other tobacco items.


Tax Exemption available to individual tax payers in Bangladesh

Status Amount of Exemption (BDT)
General Tax Payers 2,50,000
Women and Senior Citizen aged 65 years and above 3,00,000
Person with disability 4,00,000
Gazette war wounded freedom fighters 4,25,000


Wealth Tax Rate in Bangladesh for 2017-18

Wealth slab Tax Rate
Income upto BDT 22,500,000 0%
BDT 22,500,000 to BDT 50,000,000 10%
BDT 50,000,001 to BDT 100,000,000 15%
BDT 100,000,001 to BDT 150,000,000 20%
BDT 150,000,001 to BDT 200,000,000 25%
Net Wealth Exceeds BDT 200,000,001 30%



The minimum surcharge is BDT 3,000 in case the net wealth is more than BDT 22,500,000


Due date for filing tax return

Tax Return filing date for companies extended from 15 July to 15 September



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