Finland Income Tax Rate, Corporate Tax 2017, 2018Finland Income Tax Rate  for Financial Year 2018-2019. Finnish Tax Rates  for salaried Individuals, Resident, Non Resident and Corporate / Companies.



Finland Personal Income Tax Rate for income earned in 2018 and Deductions

Earned Income Euro Tax Rate Amount exceeding lower limit Tax at the lower Limit
Euro 17,200 to 25,700 6% 800
Euro 25,700 to 42,400 17.25% 518
Euro 42,400 to 74,200 21.25% 3,398.75
Over Euro 74,200 31.25% 10,156.25


In addition to the above Municipal and Church taxes and health insurance contribution will be collected at 18-26%


Income tax on Capital Income in Finland

- 30% of tax on capital income like investment etc. Tax Rate on Capital Income Exceeding 30,000 euros is 34%.


Tax Rate Applicable to Non Resident Individuals

- 30% Tax on Investment etc

- 34% Tax on Capital Income Exceeding Euros 30,000


Tax at Source on Wages and Salary Income

- 35% Tax

- 15% Tax Rate for the fees of sportsmen, athletes and performing artists

Before the 35 % tax is collected, an amount of 17 euro per day can be deducted

Corporate Income Tax Rate in France for Financial Year 2018-2019

Standard Corporate Income Tax Rate is 20%


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