Finland Income Tax Rate, Corporate Tax 2017, 2018Finland Income Tax Rate  for Financial Year 2017-2018. Finnish Tax Rates  for salaried Individuals, Resident, Non Resident and Corporate / Companies.



Finland Personal Income Tax Rate for income earned in 2017 and Deductions

Earned Income Euro Tax Rate Amount exceeding lower limit Tax at the lower Limit
Euro 16,900 to 25,300 6.25% 800
Euro 25,300 to 41,200 17.5% 533
Euro 41,200 to 73,100 21.5% 3,315.50
Over Euro 73,100 31.5% 10,174

In addition to the above Municipal and Church taxes and health insurance contribution will be collected at 18-26%


Income tax on Capital Income in Finland

- 30% of tax on capital income like investment etc


Tax Rate Applicable to Non Resident Individuals

- 30% Tax on Investment etc

- 34% Tax on Capital Income Exceeding Euros 40,000


Tax at Source on Wages and Salary Income

- 35% Tax

- 15% Tax Rate for the fees of sportsmen, athletes and performing artists

Before the 35 % tax is collected, an amount of 17 euro per day can be deducted

Corporate Income Tax Rate in France for Financial Year 2017-2018

Standard Corporate Income Tax Rate is 20%


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