Poland Individual Income Tax rate for 2017, 2018. Capital gain, Corporate TaxPoland Income Tax Rate  for 2018-2019. Personal (Individual) Capital Gain Tax and Corporate / Companies tax Rates for Residents and Non Residents



Poland Personal Income Tax Rate for 2018-2019

Taxable Income (PLN) Tax Rate
0 to 85,528 18% Less amount of decreasing tax
Over 85,528 32%


Decreasing tax Table

Annual Taxable Income (PLN) Tax Credit (PLN)
0 to 8,000 1,440
8,000 to 13,000 556.02
13,000 to 85,258 556.02
85,528 to 127,000 0
127,000 above 0


Other Deductions

The annual PIT due for 2018 can be reduced by:

Description Decreasing Tax (PLN)
A family (including foster families) consisting of one child, provided that the taxpayers’ joint annual taxable income is not higher than PLN 112,000 (for married taxpayers) 1,112 each child
Single taxpayers 56,000
A family (including foster families) consisting of two children (irrespective of taxpayer’s income), or 1,112 each child
A family (including foster families) consisting of three or more children (irrespective of taxpayer’s income) PLN 1,112 per first and second child, PLN 1,668 per third child, and PLN 2,224 per fourth and each subsequent child

If a child was in the taxpayers’ custody only for a period of time during the taxable period, the allowance is proportionally lowered.


Capital Gain Tax rate in Poland

- 19% flat Rate


Corporate / Company Income Tax Rate in Poland for 2018-2019

Taxable Income and Description Tax Rate

Standard income tax rate on corporations

Small companies income tax rate






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