Romania Tax rate for 2017, 2018. Capital gain, Corporate TaxRomania Income Tax Rate  for 2017-2018. Personal (Individual) tax, Capital Gain Tax and Corporate / Companies tax Rates for Residents and Non Residents



Romania Personal Income Tax Rate for 2017

Taxable Income Tax Rate
Standard Rate 16%


Tax Exemptions in Romania

The following categories of employees can avail tax exemption in Romania


IT specialists

Tax exemption is a highly documented process and must respect a certain strict set of provisions.

Employees with disabilities

Tax exemption is granted only under strict conditions verified by Romanian medical system.

Employees who work in Research and Development (R&D) or Technological Development field

 Tax exemption is granted if certain conditions are met as per law provisions.


Personal deduction

The Fiscal Code is bringing new rules for personal deduction calculation methodology. The gross monthly income for personal deduction has been increased to RON 1,500. The personal deduction levels have also been increased, being established between RON 300 (for persons who do not have dependents) and RON 800 (for persons with four or more dependents).

Other deductions

The voluntary health insurance premiums incurred by employees will be deductible for salary tax purposes within the limit of EUR 400 annually.



Corporate / Company Income Tax Rate in Romania for 2017

Taxable Income and Description Tax Rate
Standard income tax rate on corporations 16%
Taxpayers that are carrying on activities such as gambling and nightclubs are either subject to 5% rate of the revenue obtained from such activities or to 16% of the taxable profit, depending on which is higher. 5% or 16%




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