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Appointment of lecturers, candidates with Distance M. Phil before 2009 are eligible,  MP State appeal dismissed by Supreme Court

January 25, 2018



M Phil Distance Education eligibility before 2009

The Supreme Court has dismissed the appeal filed against Judgment of High Court of Madhya Pradesh confirming eligibility for lecturer ship to the candidates passed M.Phil before 2009, including through distance education.

A Bench of Judges, Justice A. K. Sikri and Justice Ashok Bhushan have disposed of the appeal the State of Madhya Pradesh & Ors v. Manoj Sharma & Ors, Civil Appeal No. 871 of 2018 and State of Madhya Pradesh & Ors v. Alok Tripathi & Ors and directed to consider the eligibility of the Writ petitioner taking also into consideration the Regulation 2009 of UGC (Minimum Qualifications for Appointment).


The   writ   petitioners   had   passed   M.Phil from   different   universities   under   distance education   (between   the   year   2007   to   2009) before   11.07.2009.   Writ   petitioners   were
engaged   as   guest   lecturers   in   different Government/Semi   Government   Colleges   since before   the   year   2009.   Higher   Education Department of the Government of Madhya Pradesh issued an order dated 22.02.2012 on the subject "Arrangement   of   Guest   Lecturers   in Government Colleges   for   the   remaining   period  of   Academic Session 2011-12 and upcoming sessions".

The Government order provided for criteria for   selection   under   which   various   marks   were allocated   for   Ph.D   and   NET/SET,   M.Phil.   and NET/SET.   Regional   Additional   Director, Higher Education,   Gwalior   Madhya   Pradesh   issued   an advertisement   dated   21.04.2012 inviting application for the post of Guest Lecturer in different   subjects.   Writ   Petitioners   had applied for different posts of Guest Lecturers through   online   mode.   Their   applications   were not   accepted. On   inquiry,   they   came   to   know that those candidates who had obtained M.Phil degree through distance education programme are not qualified.


The learned Single Judge on 29.08.2012,   holding   that   those   candidates   who have   cleared  M.Phil.   qualification   before   the Regulations   2009,   namely,   University   Grants Commission(Minimum   Standards   and   Procedure for   the   award   of   M.Phil./Ph.D   Degree) Regulations, 2009   (hereinafter   shall   be referred   to   as   "Regulations   2009   of   UGC (Minimum Standards and Procedure") are eligible and   their   result   be   declared.



Learned   Single   Judge   and   Division   Bench took   the   view   that   according   to Regulations 2009 of UGC on Minimum Standards and Procedure, it was only with effect from 11.7.2009 that any university,   institution   or   deemed   university were   prohibited   from   conducting M.Phil./Ph.D. through   distance   education   mode   hence,   degree obtained   prior   to   enforcement   of  said egulation are not washed out. The High Court as held that Regulations 2009 of UGC (Minimum Standards   and   Procedure)   are   prospective   in nature   and   shall   not   operate   retrospectively. Learned   Single   Judge   took   the   view   that Regulations 2009 of UGC (Minimum Standards and Procedure)   being   not   retrospective   shall   not wipe   out   the   M.Phil.   qualification   already acquired   by   the   writ   petitioners   prior   to above said regulation. 

It   is   clear   that   regulations   are prospective   in   nature   and   may   not   affect   the qualifications   granted   by   an   university   or institution   prior   to   the   enforcement   of   the regulation.   The court said that "We   thus   do   not   find   any   error   in the   judgment   of  the High Court of Madhya Pradesh. Learned Single Judge had thus rightly directed the respondent to consider the case of the   writ   petitioners   on   the   basis   of M.Phil. degree   and   declare   the   result  alongwith   other candidates."

The court disposed of the appeals with by saying that "We   are  thus  of  the   view  that  judgment  of the   High   Court   needs   no   interference   in   this appeal, however, the appeals are to be disposed off   with   the   direction   to   consider   the eligibility of the writ petitioner taking also into consideration the Regulations 2009 of UGC Minimum Qualifications for Appointment)."




Read the Judgment of Supreme Court of India in State of Madhya Pradesh & Ors v. Manoj Sharma & Ors and  Madhya Pradesh & Ors v. Alok Tripathi & Ors dated 25.1.2018



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