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Marriage Registration online in Mumbai, Maharashtra

How to Register marriage online in Mumbai

In Mumbai you can register marriage online by visiting the website  and filling form and uploading necessary documents/. After filling the form you can visit the office of registrar to verify original documents and sign. Steps to register marriage online in Mumbai, Maharashtra are explained below:


Steps to Register Marriage online in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Step 1: Visit the Website of Greater Mumbai Municipal Corporation

Form D Memorandum of Marriage will open


Step 2: Fill required information


Marriage Details

Fill Date of Marriage, Place of Marriage, Address etc


Husband Details

Fill Name, Religion, Date of Birth Address etc


Office Address

Fill office address of husband


Wife Details

Fill Name, Religion, Age as on marriage date, Date of Birth Address etc


Office Address

Fill Office address of Wife


Witness Details for 3 Witnesses

Fill Witness Name, Relation, Address, Office Address etc


Priest Details

Fill Priest Name, Age, Date of Birth, Residential Address etc


Step 3: Fill your mobile Number in the Payment section. SMS will send to this Number.




Checklist Details

Step 4: Click Yes on Memorandum of marriage Form D details are correctly entered


Proof of Age

Click on respective column for age proof document for bride and bride groom

Step 5: Click Yes or No for Whether residing within the jurisdiction of marriage registrar


Proof of Residence

Select proof of residence type for Bride and Bride Groom

Select address proof of witnesses

fill other information in the form

Step 6: Click on Continue

Step 7: Attach documents, follow process and pay fee and submit form

Now your marriage registration application is filed with Greater Mumbai Corporation. Follow the instruction received from the website.


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