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Order XIIIA Rule 6 CPC - Orders that may be made by Court

Order 13A Rule 6 of Code of Civil Procedure 1908 -  Orders that may be made by Court

(1) On an application made under this Order, the Court may make such orders that it may deem fit in its discretion including the following:-

(a) judgment on the claim;

(b) conditional order in accordance with Rule 7 mentioned hereunder;

(c) dismissing the application;

(d) dismissing part of the claim and a judgment on part of the claim that is not dismissed;

(e) striking out the pleadings (whether in whole or in part); or

(f) further directions to proceed for case management under Order XV-A.

(2) Where the Court makes any of the orders as set forth in sub-rule (1) (a) to (f), the Court shall record its reasons for making such order.    


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