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CRPC - Important Judgments and Case laws with citations. Code of Criminal Procedure

Code of Criminal Procedure important Supreme Court and High Court Judgments with subject of case, case decisions, case laws and citations

Case Title Name of Court Act Date and Citation Gist
A.R. Antulay vs R.S. Nayak & Anr Supreme Court CrPC 29 April 1988
1988 AIR 1531, 1988 SCR Supl. (1) 1
If a mistake is detected then Courts (even SC) can correct it later
Abhijit Pawar vs Hemant Madhukar Nimbalkar Supreme Court CrPC 14 December 2016
(2017) 3 SCC 528
an obligation is cast on the learned Magistrate to ensure before summoning the accused who resides beyond his jurisdiction, to make necessary enquiry
Hussain and Anr vs Union of India with Aasu vs State of Rajasthan Supreme Court CrPC 09 March 2017
1. Speedy trial is a part of reasonable, fair and just procedure guaranteed under Article 21. 2. Bail application to be disposed in a week
Kolla Veera Raghav Rao vs Gorantla Venkateswara Rao And Anr Supreme Court CrPC 01 February 2011 Section 300(1) of Cr.P.C. states that no one can be tried and convicted for the same offence or even for a different offence but on the same facts
Lalita Kumari vs Govt.Of U.P.& Ors Supreme Court CrPC 12 November 2013
2014 (2) SCC 1
Preliminary inquiry may be made before Registering FIR in Matrimonial Matters. If, after investigation, the information given is found to be false, there is always an option to prosecute the complainant for filing a false FIR.
Natasha Singh vs CBI (State) Supreme Court CrPC 08 April 2013
(2013) 5 SCC 741
Section 311 Cr.P.C. empowers the court to summon a material witness, or to examine a person present at "any stage" of "any enquiry", or "trial", or "any other proceedings" under the Cr.P.C., or to summon any person as a witness, or to recall and re-examine any person.
Priyanka Srivastava Vs State of Uttar Pradesh Supreme Court CrPC 19 March 2015
(2015) 6 SCC 287
Preliminary inquiry may be made in 156(3), 156 (3) applications are to be supported by an affidavit
Raj Deo Sharma vs The State Of Bihar Supreme Court CrPC 08 October 1998
AIR 1996 SC 3281, 1998 (5) Scale 477; JT 1998 (7) SC 1
Right of speedy justice is a fundamental right as envisaged under Article 21 of the Constitution


Subhash Chand vs State (Delhi Administration) Supreme Court CrPC 08 January 2013
(2013) 2 SCC 17
a complainant can file an application for special leave to appeal against an order of acquittal of any kind only to the High Court. He cannot file such appeal in the Sessions Court.
Umesh Kumar vs State Of A.P.And Anr Supreme Court CrPC 06 September 2013
(2013) 10 SCC 591
Illegally obtained evidence is admissible
Vijay Dhanuka Etc vs Najima Mamtaj Etc Supreme Court CrPC 27 March 2014
(2014) 14 SCC 638
an obligation is cast on the learned Magistrate to ensure before summoning the accused who resides beyond his jurisdiction, to make necessary enquiry



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