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Case Title Name of Court Act Date and Citation Gist
Amarawati And Anr. vs State Of U.P Allahabad High Court IPC 15 October 2004
2005 (1) AWC 416, 2005 CriLJ 755, (2005) 1 UPLBEC 155
1.Hierarchy of laws 2. Arrest is not a must whenever an F.I.R. of a cognizable offence is lodged. 3. any application for bail under Section 437, CrPC should ordinarily be decided by the Magistrate the same day, except in rare cases where reasons shall be recorded in writing for adjourning the hearing of the bail application
Arun Atmaram Patil & Ors vs Sandhya Arun Patil & Anr Bombay High Court IPC 24 February 2016
When one party has acted on the consent terms to it's disadvantage, the other party having received the benefits cannot be allowed to backtrack
Joginder Kumar vs State Of U.P Supreme Court IPC 25 April 1994
1994 AIR 1349, 1994 SCC (4) 260
No arrest can be made because it is lawful for the police officer to do so. The existence of the power to arrest is one thing. The justification for the exercise of it is quite another. No arrest can be made in a routine manner on a mere allegation of commission of an offence made against a person
Lal Kamlendra Pratap Singh vs State Of U.P Supreme Court IPC 23 March 2009
(2009) 4 SCC 437
1. the Court, if it deems fit in the facts and circumstances of the case, may grant interim bail pending final disposal of the bail application. 2. arrest is not a must whenever an F.I.R. of a cognizable offence is lodged.
Monica Bedi vs State Of A.P Supreme Court IPC 09 November 2010
(2011) 1 SCC 284
Double jeopardy applies to punishment for same offence, not same facts
Nachhattar Singh Alias Khanda vs State Of Punjab Punjab and Haryana High Court IPC 23 September 2009
2009(4) R.C.R. (Criminal) 409
False case was filed and Men Prosecuted. Later on found innocent so compensated by State for Damages.


Raj Kumar Singh @ Raju @ Batya vs State Of Rajasthan Supreme Court IPC 06 May 2013
(2013) 5 SCC 722
if two views are possible on the evidence adduced in the case one pointing to the guilt of the accused and the other to his innocence, the view which is favourable to the accused should be adopted
Shamsher Singh Verma vs State Of Haryana Supreme Court IPC 24 November 2015
2015 (12) Scale 597
1. CD is a 'document' within the meaning of Section 3 of the Indian Evidence Act 2. Accused can play the CD in court in his defense.
Sunny Paul & Anr. vs State Nct Of Delhi & Ors
Delhi High Court Sr. Citizens Act 15 March 2017 Abusive son to be evicted from parents' home



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