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21 Police Act -  Village police-officers

Section 21 of Indian Police Act 1861 -  Village police-officers

Nothing in this Act shall affect any hereditary or other village police-officer, unless such officer shall be enrolled as a police-officer under this Act. When so enrolled, such officer shall be bound by the provisions of the last preceding section. No hereditary or other village police-officer shall be enrolled without his consent and the consent of those who have the right of nomination.

Police-chaukidars in the Presidency of Fort William.- If any police-officer appointed under 1Act XX of 1856 (to make better provision . for the appointment and maintenance of Police-chaukidars in Cities, Towns, Stations, Suburbs and Bazars in the Presidency of Fort William in Bengal) is employed out of the district for which he shall have been appointed under that Act, he shall not be paid out of the rates levied under the said Act for that district.


1. The Bengal Chaukidari Act, 1856.

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