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(5 of 1861)

[22nd March, 1861]

An Act for the Regulation of Police

Preamble: - WHEREAS it is expedient to re-organise the police and to make it a
more efficient instrument for the prevention and detection of crime; It is enacted as
follows: -

Section 1 Interpretation clause

Section 2 Constitution of the force

Section 3 Superintendence in the State Government

Section 4 Inspector-General of Police, etc

Section 5 Powers of Inspector General Exercise of power

6. [Repealed.].

Section 7 Appointment, dismissal, etc., of inferior officers

Section 8 Certificates to police officers

Section 9 Police-officers not to resign without leave or two months notice

Section 10 Police-officers not to engage in other employment

11. [Repealed.].

Section 12 Power of Inspector-General to make rules

Section 13 Additional police-officer employed at cost of individuals

Section 14 Appointment of additional force in the neighbourhood of railway and other works

Section 15 Quartering of additional police in disturbed or dangerous districts

Section 15A Awarding compensation to sufferers from misconduct of inhabitants or persons interested in land

Section 16 Recovery of moneys payable under sections 13, 14, 15 and 15A, and disposal of same when recovered

Section 17 Special police-officers

Section 18 Powers of special police-officers

Section 19 Refusal to serve as special police-officers

Section 20 Authority to be exercised by police-officers

Section 21 Village police-officers

Section 22 Police-officers always on duty and may be employed in, any part of district

Section 23 Duties of police-officers

Section 24 Police-officers may lay information, etc

Section 25 Police-officers to take charge of unclaimed property, and be subject to Magistrates orders as to disposal

Section 26 Magistrate may detain property and issue proclamation

Section 27 Confiscation of property if no claimant appears

Section 28 Persons refusing to deliver up certificate, etc., on ceasing to be police-officers

Section 29 Penalties for neglect of duty, etc

Section 30 Regulation of public assemblies and processions and licensing of the same

Section 30A Powers with regard to assemblies and processions violating conditions of license

Section 31 Police to keep order in public roads, etc

Section 32 Penalty for disobeying orders issued under last three sections, etc

Section 33 Saving of control of Magistrate of district

Section 34 Punishment for certain offences on roads, etc

Section 35 Jurisdiction

Section 36 Power to prosecute under other law not affected

Section 37 Recovery of penalties and fines imposed by Magistrates


Section 42 Limitation of actions

Section 43 Plea that act was done under warrant

Section 44 Police-officers to keep diary

Section 45 State Government may prescribe form of returns

Section 46 Scope of Act

Section 47 Authority of District Superintendent of Police over village police

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