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30 Police Act -  Regulation of public assemblies and processions and licensing of the same

Section 30 of Indian Police Act 1861 -  Regulation of public assemblies and processions and licensing of the same

(1) The District Superintendent or Assistant District Superintendent of Police may, as occasion requires, direct the conduct of all assemblies and processions on the public roads, or in the public streets or thoroughfares, and prescribe the routes by which, and the times at which, such processions may pass.

(2) He may also, on being satisfied that it is intended by any persons or class of persons to convene or collect an assembly in any such road, street or thoroughfare, or to form a procession which would, in the judgment of the Magistrate of the district, or of the sub-division of a district, if uncontrolled, be likely to cause a breach of the peace, require by general or special notice that the persons convening or collecting such assembly or directing or promoting such procession shall apply for a licence.

(3) On such application being made, he may issue a license specifying the names of the licensees and defining, the conditions on which alone such assembly or such procession is to be permitted to take place and otherwise giving effect to this section:

Provided that no fee shall be charged on the application for, or grant of, any such licence.

(4) Music in the streets.-He may also regulate the extent to which music may be used in the streets on the occasion of festivals and ceremonies.]


1. Subs. by s. 10, ibid., for section 30.

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