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8 Police Act -  Certificates to police officers

Section 8 of Indian Police Act 1861 -  Certificates to police officers

1Every police-officer 2[appointed to the police force other than an officer mentioned in section 4] shall receive on his appointment a certificate in the from annexed to this Act under the seal of the Inspector-General or such other officer as the Inspector General shall appoint, by virtue of which the person holding such certificate shall be vested with the powers, functions, and privileges of a police-officer.

Surrender of certificate.-3[Such certificate shall cease to have effect whenever the person named in it ceases for any reason to be a police-officer, and, on his ceasing to be such an officer, shall be forthwith surrendered by him to any officer empowered to receive the same.

A police-officer shall not by reason of being suspended from office cease to be a police-officer. During the term of such suspension the powers, functions and privileges vested in him as a police officer shall be in abeyance, but he shall continue subject to the same responsibilities, discipline and penalties and to the same authorities, as if he had not been suspended.]


1. As to enrolment, maintenance and discipline of -

(1) the Military Police-force employed in-

(a) the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, see the Andaman and Nicobar Islands Military Police (Disbandment ) Regulation, 1946 (3 of 1946);

(b) Assam, see the Assam Rifles Act, 1941 (5 of 1941);

(c) Bengal, see the Eastern Frontier Rifles (Bengal Battalion) Act, 1920 (Ben. 2 of 1920);

(2) the Punjab Frontier Police-officers, see the Punjab Frontier Police-officer Regulation, 1893 (7 of 1893);

(3) the Calcutta and Suburban Police, see the Calcutta Police Act, 1866 (Ben. 4 of 1866) and the Calcutta Suburban Police Act, 1866 (Ben. 2 of 1866);

(4) the Police establishment in municipal areas in the U.P., see the U.P. Municipalities Act, 1916 (U.P. 2 of 1916);

(5) the Police establishment in municipal areas in the Punjab, see the Punjab Municipal Act, 1911 (Pun. 3 of 1911);

(6) the Rural Police in the Sonthal Parganas, see the Sonthal Parganas Rural Police Regulation, 1910 (4 of 1910);

(7) the Rural Police in Chota Nagpur, see the Chota Nagpur Rural Police Act, 1914 (B. & O. 1 of 1914);

(8) the U.P. Special Armed Constabulary, see the U.P. Special Armed Constabulary Act, 1942 (U.P. 5 of 1942);

(9) the Delhi Special Police Establishment, see the Delhi Special Police Establishment Act, 1946 (25 of 1946); and

(10) Delhi Police, see, Delhi Police Act, 1978 (34 of 1978).

2. Subs. by the A.O. 1937, for "so appointed".

3. Subs. by Act 8 of 1895, s. 3, for the second paragraph.

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