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42 Police Act -  Limitation of actions

Section 42 of Indian Police Act 1861 -  Limitation of actions

All actions and prosecutions against any person, which may be lawfully brought for anything done or intended to be done under the provisions of this Act, or under the general police-powers hereby given shall be commenced within three months after the act complained of shall have been committed, and not otherwise; and notice in writing of such action end of the cause thereof shell be given to the defendant, or to the District Superintendent or an Assistant District Superintendent of the District in which the act was committed, one month at least before the commencement of the action.

Tender of amends.-No plaintiff shall recover in any such action if tender of sufficient amend shall have been made before such action brought, or if a sufficient sum of money shall have been paid into Court after such action brought, by or on behalf of the defendant, and, though a decree shall be given for the plaintiff in any such action, such plaintiff shall not have costs against the defendant, unless the Judge before whom the trial is held shall certify his approbation of the action.

Proviso.-Provided always that no action shall in any case lie where such officers shall have been prosecuted criminally for the same act.


1. I.e., by a Magistrate of the first class. See s. 3 (1) of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (Act 2 of 1974).

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