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Registering FIR against police through complaint.


If you have any grievance against any personal in Police department, you can file complaint against them with the Grievances Commission called Police Complaint Authority. This authority has been set up for the purpose of attending to complaint against Delhi Police, as an interim arrangement till the Delhi Police Act 1978 is replaced with New Police Act. The Police Complaints Authority (PCA) has been set up by Govt. of N.C.T of Delhi. This decision has been taken to implement directions of the Hon'ble Supreme Court in Writ Petition (C) No. 310 of 1196, titled Prakash Singh & Ors V. Union of India & Ors.

The Police Complaints Authority has been set up to deal with the complaints of public regarding acts of serious misconduct by the policemen/officers of Delhi Police such as death in Police custody, grievous hurt caused by Police , rape or attempt to rape, illegal detention, extortion, land/house grabbing or any serious abuse of authority. Those who have any grievance against police personnel regarding any of the misconducts as enumerated above may lodge a complaint in the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) in the prescribed format. A complaint can be lodged either personally or through post or by E-mail at


Functions of Police Complaints Authority (PCA)
(i) The Police Complaint Authority shall inquire into allegations of "serious misconduct" against police personnel, as detailed below, either suo moto or on a complaint received from any of the following:

1. The victim or any person on his/her behalf;
2. The National or the State Human Rights Commission;
3. The police; or
4. any other source.


What is Serious Misconduct
For the purpose of this chapter shall mean any act or omission of a police officer that leads to or amounts to:
- death in police custody ;
- grievous hurt, as defined in Section 320 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860;
- rape or attempt to commit rape;
- arrest or detention without due process of law;
- extortion;
- land/house grabbing; or
- any incident involving serious abuse of authority

Provided that the Authority shall inquire into a complaint of such arrest or detention, only if it is satisfied prima facie about the veracity of the complaint.

(ii) The Authority may also inquire into any other case referred to it by the Administrator/Central Government. 



Powers of Police Complaints Authority (PCA)
Police Complaints Authority has the following powers:
The Authority may require any person or authority to furnish information on such points or matters as in the opinion of the Authority may be useful for or relevant to the subject matter of enquiry;

The Authority, before finalising its opinion, shall give the Police Officer heading the police force in the National Capital Territory of Delhi an opportunity to present the department's view and additional facts, if any, not already in the notice of the Authority and in such cases, the Authority may review its findings upon receipt of additional information from the Police Officer heading the police force in the UT that may have a material bearing on the case.

In the cases directly inquired by the Authority, it may, upon completion of the inquiry, communicate its findings to the Commissioner of Police Delhi with a direction to:-

(a) Register a First Information Report; and/or
(b) Initiate departmental action based on such findings, duly forwarding the evidence collected by it to the police.

The directions of the Authority shall ordinarily be binding, unless for the reasons to be recorded in writing, Govt. of the NCT of Delhi decides to disagree with the findings of the Authority.



Contact Details of Police Complaint Authority
Police Complaints Authority
Govt. of NCT of Delhi,
M-Block, Vikas Bhawan, I. P.
Estate, New Delhi-110110
Tel No. 011-23379900, 01

Email ID for Complaints

Helpline Numbers of Police Complaints Authority
Sh. P.K Tripathi 23379911

Sh. S.K Jain 23379922
Sh. D.K Gupta 23370395
Smt. Nisha Samuel 23378902

Sh. S.A Awaradi 23379533

Deputy Secretary
Sh. Sanjeev Mankotia 23379900 Ext (109)

Office Superintendent
Sh. Mukesh Solanki 23379900 Ext (113)

General Exchange
23379900, 23379901



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