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News January 2018

punishment for 306 ipc, 498a reduced by supreme court

Punishment for IPC 306, 498A reduced to 9 months for 75 year old, 5+2 year to 2+2 year for husband

January 28, 2018


Live Band Music Restaurants to take permission from Karnataka Police

Live Band music in restaurant, Appeal dismissed, Karnataka Police to give licence

January 28, 2018


Appeal to convert conviction from 325 ipc to 307 dismissed

Appeal for conviction under section 307 IPC instead of 325 IPC dismissed, finding no reason and respondents have already undergone imprisonment

January 28, 2018


Additional document, amendment to plaint, appeal allowed

Application to file additional documents and amendment to Plaint, appeal allowed by Supreme Court

January 27, 2018


Property right to children of first wife

Children of first wife got property of diseased father. Appeal of 2nd wife's children dismissed by Supreme Court

January 27, 2018


Remand back order upheld by Supreme Court

Appeal against remand back order dismissed, trial court to hear and consider the case afresh

January 25, 2018


Appointment of lecturers, Distance M. Phil before 2009 are eligible,  MP State appeal dismissed by SC

January 25, 2018


Motor Accident claim rejected

No FIR, Contradictory statements, Supreme Court confirmed High Court Judgment rejecting Motor accident claim

January 20, 2018


accident Insurance claim recalculated and enhanced by Supreme Court

Insurance claim amount in Motor accident enhanced by Supreme Court

January 20, 2018


Motor accident claim enhanced by Supreme Court

Motor accident claim, High Court order of reducing insurance compensation, modified, enhanced by Supreme Court

January 20, 2018


Pay insurance claim and recover from owner of vehicle in case of driving without licence

Accident death, no driving licence, insurance company to pay compensation, may recover from the owner of vehicle

January 20, 2018


Life imprisonment reduced to 10 years RI

Supreme Court reduced sentence of life imprisonment to 10 years for murder and partially allowed appeal

January 19, 2018


Aadhaar matter, arguments by Senior Advocate Shyam Divan

Aadhaar Scheme itself is bad and this leads to departing from determinist system to probabilistic system- Shyam Diwan in Supreme Court.

January 18, 2018


Reliance Communication Ltd is directed to furnish bank guarantee of Rs. 10 Crore. Appeal by Reliance dismissed by Delhi High Court

January 16, 2018

Employment disputes in cooperative society, which act is applicable

Applicability of Industrial Disputes Act to Cooperative Society. The Supreme Court remanded back appeal filed by the Society to High Court.

January 15, 2018


Insurance claim of burglary enhanced by Supreme Court

Insurance claim on burglary enhanced by Supreme Court and 12% interest allowed for delayed payment

January 11, 2018


Supreme Court upheld Kerala High Judgment imposing fine of Rs. 1 Crore on DLF for violation of environmental norms

January 11, 2018


Amendment to SEction 28 and 80hhc with retrospective effect not valid

Retrospective amendment to Section 28 and 80HHC of Income Tax Act, not valid, High Court of Delhi

January 11, 2018


Sudden Quarrel not an acceptable plea

Sentence under 302 IPC, convicts plea that the offence took place due to sudden quarrel not acceptable, Delhi High Court

January 11, 2018

Alternate Appointment to medically unfit candidates in Railways. Supreme Court Judgment

Alternate appointment in Railways, SLP of Union of India dismissed. Don't file cases with no merit,  Supreme Court advice to the Government Counsel

January 10, 2018


Playing National Anthem in Cinema Theatre not Compulsary

Playing National Anthem prior to the screening of films in Cinema halls is not mandatory, but optional or directory

January 10, 2018


Delhi High Court added conviction under section section 304B IPC in a Dowry death case while disposing off appeal of the State

January 9, 2018



Life conviction for murder upheld by Delhi High Court

Life term for murder upheld by Delhi High Court, not interfering in the Judgment of Trial Court and its order of sentence

January 9, 2018


Criminal case acquitted preson not fit for Constable Post

Cancellation of candidature by Screening Committee, of acquitted criminal case accused, upheld by the Supreme Court

January 8, 2018

Acquittal of Murder convict reversed by Supreme Court

Acquittal of Murder convict reversed by Supreme Court and upheld the imprisonment awarded by Trial Court

January 8, 2018


Arbitrator appointed by Supreme Court in Inox Wind v. Thermocables Ltd

Appeal to implement arbitration clause allowed and arbitrator appointed by Supreme Court. Associations, bodies sufficient to incorporate the arbitration clause

January 7, 2018


Gujarat Land grab matter, quashing appeal dismissed by Supreme Court

Fraud and cheating to snatch land, appeal of Complainants allowed and appeal by accused against dismissal of quashing application under 482 CRPC dismissed by the Supreme Court

January 6, 2018


Slum Rehabilitation in Mumbai, SC Judgment

Supreme Court direction to Slum Rehabilitation Authority, Mumbai, a big relief for slum dwellers and an end to 3 decade long litigation

January 4, 2018



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