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Nagpur Police Check status of FIR online. How to search FIR Online with Nagpur Police. Guide to track First Information Report online and get copy of FIR with Nagpur Police, Maharashtra


Check Status of FIR online with Nagpur Police

Status of FIR registered with Nagpur Police can be searched and viewed online through the website of Nagpur Police, Maharashtra. You can verify the status of FIR on the online portal of Nagpur Police with these basic information.


The steps to check FIR Status with Nagpur Police, Maharashtra

Step 1: Open the website of Nagpur Police.

The following menu will open


Register Complaint / FIR online with Nagpur Police

Step 2 : Hit on Complaints Link.

The following menu will open.

Nagpur Police Online Complaint Status


Step 3: Open Complaints status link

The following menu will open.

Nagpur Police Track Complaint Status

Step 4 : Enter Complaint Number received at the time of filing FIR

Step 5: Enter Email ID

Step 6 : Hit on Submit

Now the status of complaint filed with Nagpur Police will be displayed on the screen.


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