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Tamil Nadu Police Lodge FIR online. Guide to register First Information Report Online with Tamil Nadu Police. Steps to be followed to file FIR online with Tamil Nadu Police


Steps to Register FIR Online in Tamil Nadu

Now it is easy to register FIR (First Information Report) online with Tamil Nadu Police. To lodge FIR with Tamil Nadu Police, the website of Tamil Nadu Police can be used. The FIR can be registered through computer or mobile by visiting the website of Tamil Nadu Police. It is easy to register online First Information Report with Tamil Nadu Police.

Steps to Register FIR online with Tamil Nadu Police

Step 1. Open the website of Tamil Nadu Police.


The following menu will open


Register FIR online with Tamil Nadu Police



Step 2 : Hit on Register Complaint.

The following menu will open. The menu will be opened in Horizontal format.

FIR online in Tamil Nadu complaint format



The menu is shown here in vertical format for easy presentation.

Register FIR online Tamil Nadu

FIR online Tamil Nadu Menu

Tamil Nadu Register FIR online


Step 3 : Fill the following information. Fields in Red colour are mandatory.

District : Chose the District

Name : Type name of Complainant

Gender : Select Gender i.e. Male, Female or Transgender

Address : Type address of Complainant

Mobile No : Enter Mobile No of Complainant

E-Mail : Enter Email Address of Complainant

Subject : Select Subject. If your subject is not available in the list, chose others

Date of Occurrence : Select Date of Occurrence

Place of Occurrence : Type place of occurrence (Maximum 200 characters)

Complaint Description : Enter Complaint Description (Maximum 2000 characters)

Want to attach documents : Chose Yes if you want to attach supporting documents. Chose No if you don't want to attach documents. (Maximum file size should be 4 MB. File formats allowed are PDF, JPEG and PNG.

Security Code : Enter Security code displayed in the box

Step 4 : Hit on Register Button

Now your complaint is registered online with Tamil Nadu Police. You will receive e-mail confirmation to your email account.

Crime types available in the online list to Register FIR with Tamil Nadu Police

- Others

- Attempt to Commit Crime

- Charging Exorbitant Interest

- Conspiracy

- Counterfeiting of Currency

- Criminal Intimidation

- Criminal Tress Pass

- Cyber Crimes

- Dacoity

- Document Missing

- Embezzlement

- Eve Teasing

- Extortion

- Forgery

- Hurt

- Impersonation

- Incitement

- Juvenile Delinquency

- Kidnapping

- Land Grabbing

- Misappropriation

- Mischief

- Missing Persons

- Mobile Missing

- Murder

- Non Banking Financial Institution Cases

- Nuisance

- Offences against religion and public worship

- Offences against state

- Offences relating to marriage

- Political offences

- Quarrel / Altercations

- Ragging

- Rape

- Robbery

- Stolen Property

- Theft

- Traffic violations

- Vehicle Missing

- Women Harassment

- Wrongful Confinement


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