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Rs. 100 crore damages on Real Estate Developer, NGT order upheld by Supreme Court for violating Environmental clearance norms. But the original application cannot be treated as a public interest litigation (PIL)

August 11, 2018

Rs. 100 Crore damanges on Real Estate Developer, NGT order upheld by Supreme Court


Land acquisition compensation for wet land in Kerala enhanced by the Supreme Court and reversed the Judgment of High Court and orders of court below but compensation of other land not revised

August 11, 2018

Land acquisition compensation of wet land in Kerala increased by Supreme Court

Promotion of ad hoc Assistant Engineers (Electrical & Mechanical), consult UPPSC, Directed Supreme Court. Another dispute between direct appointees and ad hoc appointees in UP

August 11, 2018

Promotion of Ad hoc Engineers, consult UPPSC, Supreme Court

Eviction petition of landlord to evict tenant on the ground of default in payment of his share of municipal tax as an occupier under the provisions of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation Act, 1980, appeal allowed by SC

August 11, 2018

Recover compensation from Insurance Company first, not vehicle owner, Supreme Court. High Court order to recover compensation from vehicle owner as the driver had no valid driving license, reversed

August 8, 2018

Pay and Recover judgment on Insurance claim

Dacoity, criminal appeal of convict dismissed and Trial Court order upheld by Supreme Court. Failure to hold a test identification parade would not make inadmissible the evidence in Court

August 3, 2018

Dacoity,criminal appeal dismissed by Supreme Court

Make regular Appointments only, not irregular, Supreme Court to Jharkhand Government. Four months time given to consider the appellants for regularization of their employment

August 1, 2018

No irregular appointments, regular appointments only. Supreme Court to Jharkhand High Court

Land acquisition, appeal of Pimpri Chinchwad New Township Development Authority allowed by Supreme Court and reversed High Court of Bombay Judgment and imposed cost on respondents

August 4, 2018

Land acquisition, Pimpri Chinchwad, appeal allowed by Supreme Court

Drawers of Cheque's plea that cheque was issued for security purpose, rejected by Supreme Court and upheld the order of trial court for conviction. Also reversed the acquittal Judgment of High Court

July 31, 2018

Security Cheque Plea in 138 Case rejected by Supreme Court

Confessional statement of a co-accused cannot by itself be taken as a substantive piece of evidence against another co-accused, Supreme Court. The accused acquitted and lower court orders reversed

July 31, 2018

Confession statement of co-accused cannot itself be used as substantive evidence

Supreme Court ordered enquiry against Bangalore Development Aauthority and the State Government for trying to exclude lands of influential persons from Acquisition and asked for fixing responsibility on the officials

July 31, 2018

Enquiry against land acquisition cancellation by BDA

Benefit of ambiguity must be interpreted in favour of the revenue, Supreme Court Constitution Bench

July 30, 2018

Cheque Bounce Case under Section 138, Supreme Court upheld the order of Trial Court and reversed High Court Judgment by setting aside the order of conviction and sentence recorded against the accused

July 2, 2018

SEBI order imposing Penalty upheld by Supreme CourtPenalty imposed by SEBI on traders, for Non Genuine Transactions, upheld by Supreme Court and set aside SAT order


Signature of all members not necessary in ordersSignature of all members hearing petition is not necessary, if one person is transferred, appeal allowed by Supreme Court


MBBS Admission, consider renewal of medical college next yearMedical college renewal of course, consider for next year, keep security deposit, Supreme Court


Pondicherry Land acquision, appeal dismissed by Supreme Court

Land acquisition in Pondicherry, Government appeal dismissed by Supreme Court




Goa Mining leases cancelled by Supreme Court88 iron ore mining leases granted 2nd renewal by Government in Goa cancelled by Supreme Court



punishment for 306 ipc, 498a reduced by supreme court

Punishment for IPC 306, 498A reduced to 9 months for 75 year old, 5+2 year to 2+2 year for husband




Live Band Music Restaurants to take permission from Karnataka PoliceLive Band music in restaurant, Appeal dismissed, Karnataka Police to give licence




Appeal to convert conviction from 325 ipc to 307 dismissedAppeal for conviction under section 307 IPC instead of 325 IPC dismissed, finding no reason and respondents have already undergone imprisonment




Additional document, amendment to plaint, appeal allowedApplication to file additional documents and amendment to Plaint, appeal allowed by Supreme Court




Property right to children of first wifeChildren of first wife got property of diseased father. Appeal of 2nd wife's children dismissed by Supreme Court




Remand back order upheld by Supreme CourtAppeal against remand back order dismissed, trial court to hear and consider the case afresh




Appointment of lecturers, Distance M. Phil before 2009 eligible,  MP State appeal dismissed by SC



Motor Accident claim rejectedNo FIR, Contradictory statements, Supreme Court confirmed High Court Judgment rejecting Motor accident claim



accident Insurance claim recalculated and enhanced by Supreme CourtInsurance claim amount in Motor accident enhanced by Supreme Court



Motor accident claim enhanced by Supreme CourtMotor accident claim, High Court order of reducing insurance compensation, modified, enhanced by Supreme Court


Pay insurance claim and recover from owner of vehicle in case of driving without licenceAccident death, no driving licence, insurance company to pay compensation, may recover from the owner of vehicle




Life imprisonment reduced to 10 years RI

Supreme Court reduced sentence of life imprisonment to 10 years for murder and partially allowed appeal



Aadhaar matter, arguments by Senior Advocate Shyam Divan

Aadhaar Scheme itself is bad and this leads to departing from determinist system to probabilistic system- Shyam Diwan in Supreme Court.



Reliance Communication Ltd is directed to furnish bank guarantee of Rs. 10 Crore. Appeal by Reliance dismissed by Delhi High Court




Employment disputes in cooperative society, which act is applicableApplicability of Industrial Disputes Act to Cooperative Society. The Supreme Court remanded back appeal filed by the Society to High Court.




Insurance claim of burglary enhanced by Supreme CourtInsurance claim on burglary enhanced by Supreme Court and 12% interest allowed for delayed payment



Supreme Court upheld Kerala High Judgment imposing fine of Rs. 1 Crore on DLF for violation of environmental norms



Amendment to SEction 28 and 80hhc with retrospective effect not validRetrospective amendment to Section 28 and 80HHC of Income Tax Act, not valid, High Court of Delhi




Sudden Quarrel not an acceptable pleaSentence under 302 IPC, convicts plea that the offence took place due to sudden quarrel not acceptable, Delhi High Court



Alternate Appointment to medically unfit candidates in Railways. Supreme Court JudgmentAlternate appointment in Railways, SLP of Union of India dismissed. Don't file cases with no merit,  Supreme Court advice to the Government Counsel



Playing National Anthem in Cinema Theatre not CompulsaryPlaying National Anthem prior to the screening of films in Cinema halls is not mandatory, but optional or directory



Delhi High Court added conviction under section section 304B IPC in a Dowry death case while disposing off appeal of the State



Life conviction for murder upheld by Delhi High CourtLife term for murder upheld by Delhi High Court, not interfering in the Judgment of Trial Court and its order of sentence




Criminal case acquitted preson not fit for Constable PostCancellation of candidature by Screening Committee, of acquitted criminal case accused, upheld by the Supreme Court



Acquittal of Murder convict reversed by Supreme CourtAcquittal of Murder convict reversed by Supreme Court and upheld the imprisonment awarded by Trial Court




Arbitrator appointed by Supreme Court in Inox Wind v. Thermocables LtdAppeal to implement arbitration clause allowed and arbitrator appointed by Supreme Court. Associations, bodies sufficient to incorporate the arbitration clause


Gujarat Land grab matter, quashing appeal dismissed by Supreme CourtFraud and cheating to snatch land, appeal of Complainants allowed and appeal by accused against dismissal of quashing application under 482 CRPC dismissed by the Supreme Court



Slum Rehabilitation in Mumbai, SC JudgmentSupreme Court direction to Slum Rehabilitation Authority, Mumbai, a big relief for slum dwellers and an end to 3 decade long litigation



Triple Talaq bill, The Muslim Women (Protection on rights on Marriage) Bill 2017, has been passed in the Loksabha on Thursday, 28.12.2017



Kusum Sharma Judgement modified by High CourtAffidavit of Assets, Income and Expenditure not mandatory to be filed along with petition or written statement, direction by Delhi High Court



Tender awarded to ineligible bidder, cancelled by Supreme CourtTender awarded to ineligible bidder, cancelled by Supreme Court, Reversed High Court Division Bench Judgment and upheld order of Single Bench



order without reasoning. Case remanded back to high court to consider afresh

No reason mentioned in High Court order for rejection of bail, Supreme Court remanded back the case to Rajasthan High Court for deciding bail application afresh



SC enhanced motor accident compensation

Supreme Court reverses decision of High Court of Karnataka and enhances Motor accident award amount



Teesta appeal to defreeze bank accouts dismissedDe-freeze Bank Accounts, Appeal filed by Teesta dismissed by Supreme Court




SC allowed amendment to written statement

Amendment to Written Statement, Supreme Court allowed appeal filed by the Petitioner



Criminal appeal partly allowed and acquited few convicts, rest uphled


Supreme Court partly allowed criminal appeal and acquitted few convicts



Consider application for re-determination of land acquisition compensation

Land acquisition collector is directed to consider afresh application for re-determination of compensation




Appeal against dismissal of application for amendment of plaint

Appeal against dismissal of application for amendment of plaint - Supreme Court decision



Ryan Pinto Interim Bail appeal Supreme Court Judgment

Appeal against interim Bail to Ryan Pinto, Dr. Augustine Francis and Mrs. Grace Pinto. Supreme Court Judgment




Eviction of tenant and recovery of rent and damages

Supreme Court Judgment for eviction of Tenant and recovery of rent and damages


UP SESSB Examination Judgment

What a Mess! This is perhaps the only way to describe the events that have transpired in the examination conducted by the U.P. SESSB - SC



Interest awarded by Arbitral Tribunal

Interest on claims awarded by Arbitral Tribunal, decision of Supreme Court in appeal filed by Union of India




Insurance company cannot deny claim

When owner of the vehicle is at no fault, the insurance company cannot deny claim



Charges under SC ST Act not survive

Life sentence on charges under section 3(2) of the SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act can't survive, but Supreme Court upheld sentence for rape



6th Pay commission applicable to retired forcesApplicability of 6th pay commission to retired employees, below officer rank of Armed Forces Personnel



Illegal ownership of property by tenant, sub tenant

Can a tenants and the sub-tenants inducted by them can claim ownership of the property



Property tax recoverable arrear of rent or not

Whether property tax recoverable from tenant can be considered as arrears of rent for the purpose of seeking eviction or ejectment of such tenant.



Meerut administration licence fee Judgment

Meerut Corporation licence fee, Supreme Court Judgment in appeal of contractors




Abuse of court process by repeated petitions

Abusing legal process and the court by repeatedly filing petitions for almost the same relief, Supreme Court Judgment



Custody of Child, Supreme Court Judgment

Custody of child with USA citizenship, Supreme Court judgment by considering overseas court order




Recovery of loss from Bank Employee

Recovery of loss to bank, through fraud of employee, Supreme Court Judgment fixing liability, in appeal filed by the heirs of employee




Appeal by murder convict. High Court Judgment

Delhi High court judgment in an appeal filed by a person convicted for murder of his wife



Writ Petition for originally inhabitants of state of Assam

Writ Petition for direction, 'originally inhabitants of State of Assam', disposed off. Supreme Court Judgment




Regulation for lawyers fee and professional ethics

Legislative changes to check violation of professional ethics by lawyers and fix lawyer's fee





Swaraj Abhiyan MGNREGA hearing

MGNREGA fund for the year already exhausted. How will the Government Provide job to rural poor- Bhushan




Regularisation of Part time teachers

Can part-time lecturers be regularized? Read Supreme Court's Answer



Criminal defamation against news paper. appeal allowed

Appeal allowed, Trial court will proceed with criminal defamation case against news paper. Supreme Court.




Sexual Harassment against children. Hand over complaints to police

Delhi High Court noticed that sexual harassment of complaints of children were kept pending by school. Court directed to hand over all the complaints to Police




Delhi High Court order section 801A of Income tax Act

Exemption under Section 80(1A) of Income Tax Act, Delhi High Court upheld decision of ITAT




High Court order for auction of personal property set aside by SC

High Court order directing auction of personal property of developers set aside, remitted back by Supreme Court




Supreme Court warning to Trial Courts against adjournments

Supreme Court warns Trial courts against granting adjournments after commencement of evidence





Padmavati PIL dismissed by Supreme Court with a warning

Supreme Court dismissed PIL filed by M L Sharma in Padmavati, caution him to be careful in future, but not imposed cost




Death Penalty communited by Madhya Pradesh High Court

Madhya Pradesh High Court commuted death penalty of convict who raped and murdered his niece, who was a minor girl




Rakesh Kumar Paul vs Akhil Gogoi and Ors

Rakesh Kumar Paul V. Akhil Gogoi and ors., Supreme Court allowed time to file additional documents. Final disposal in January 2019




Implement Road Safety Measures, Supreme Court

Supreme Court passed order to implement road safety measures recommended by the committee appointed by court




Criminal activities in the name of bandh

Proposed law to deal with criminal activities in strikes, agitations etc will be brought into force soon by the centre - Hopes Supreme Court




Murder Accused acquitted by Supreme Court

Man accused for murder case spend 17 years in Jail acquitted by Supreme Court on insufficient evidence





Right to Privacy is Fundamental Right. Supreme Court Judgment

Right to Privacy is Fundamental Right under Indian Constitution - Supreme Court. Read Judgment in Justice K.S. Puttaswamy Vs. Union of India dated 24.08.2017



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